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Achieving a Whiter and Brighter Smile

There are many reasons men and women from all walks of life in the Monterey area want their smile to be whiter and brighter. For many, it is a very personal want. After all, looking into the mirror every day means constantly evaluating the way you look and being unhappy with the way your smile is can keep you from truly enjoying yourself. Even if you don’t need to see others every day, you still want to be happy with the way you look.

But if you do have to engage in social settings regularly, you want to feel confident in your appearance. Self-confidence is important to your own well-being, as well as important to how you interact with others. With self-confidence comes a sense of ease with others, including openness and friendliness. These are values that all of us find important.

However, for many men and women, smiling isn’t something that comes easy. If they find their teeth stained, dark, or otherwise dingy, they may go out of their way to avoid interacting in social settings. Sometimes people need to have their teeth “freshened up” to get them smiling again.

Tooth Whitening Treatments

Tooth whitening is by far the easiest procedure to fix your smile. Because the things we eat and drink can stain teeth, brushing regularly may not always brighten teeth the way we hope. Dr. Kern offers three different ways to whiten teeth:

  1. Sinsational Smiles – This 30 to 40 minute in-office treatment is for those with sensitive teeth, utilizing a tray, whitening solutions, and a specific LED lighting system. Sinsational Smiles is a good choice for men and women who have whitened their teeth before and just need a touch up. You can lighten your teeth by three to five shades with this treatment. Sinsational Smiles is also a replacement for at-home whitening trays.
  2. Take home trays – Take home tray kits are for those who want to determine how white their teeth look, as well as for those who want a more natural look. Using the application for about an hour a day will brighten your smile seven to nine shades in less than two weeks.
  3. ZOOM! – For the busy and less inclined to do-it-yourselfers, we can give you the WOW smile you have always wanted in about an hour-and-a-half. ZOOM! in office whitening uses a custom technique that the clinician applies to your teeth. It utilizes a powerful laser light and can whiten your teeth by eight to ten shades. While your teeth are being lightened, you can relax with Bose headphones, listen to your favorite music, and be snuggled under a plush blanket for a midday nap.

Ask about our ZOOM! special running until December 31.

We will provide you with answers to all of your questions about each of these tooth whitening systems. Consulting with you prior to your teeth whitening treatment helps us to understand your desires and your needs with your smile. We are happy to help all of our Monterey dental patients achieve the smile of their dreams.