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A New Smile for a New Year

New Year’s resolutions are made by many people and many of these center around health. Exercising more, eating well, and foregoing sweets are often at the top of the list. Some of these are easy to fulfill, especially if you are driven. There are some resolutions that seemed like a good idea at the time, but for whatever reason, achieving them becomes more difficult as the year wears on.

Why not consider something that will not only benefit your health but your appearance this year? Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and getting the smile you’ve always wanted could be one of the top priorities of your 2017.

Easy Changes

A good start to creating a beautiful smile is to take care of your teeth as best you can. Brush and floss every day after meals. Eat fewer sugary snacks and foods. Drink more water and less soda, or other beverages that can stain your teeth like coffee and wine. See your dentist twice a year.

What We can Help Change

Dr. Kern’s comprehensive approach to creating beautiful smiles can give you the change you are looking for this year. If you are ready to improve your smile, and you want to go beyond what you can achieve on your own, Dr. Kern offers several cosmetic dental procedures, including:

  • Teeth whitening – Works if you are looking to brighten your smile quickly for an event or dinner. Your teeth can be whitened several shades
  • Porcelain veneers – Bond to your teeth to correct minor flaws that you want to correct this year, such as gaps or crooked teeth
  • Invisalign – If you have decided 2017 is the year you want to straighten your teeth, but do not want to wear wire braces, Invisalign may be what you are looking for

No matter what you want to achieve with you smile or overall oral health this year, we can help. From minor or quick fixes to more long term, permanent corrections, or even just advice on how to keep your teeth looking great, Dr. Kern and her team are available for a one-on-one consultation.

Contact Eddie today at 831-372-8011 at Dr. Kern’s office. Dr. Kern’s dental office is conveniently located at 660 Camino Aguajito #201 in Monterey, CA 93940.