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Holistic Dentistry in Monterey

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Smiles for Monterey’s Costal Lifestyles

Our spa-like dental office in Monterey, California is designed with you in mind. Your visit begins with a conversation. You’re a partner in your dental care.

Your comprehensive health is our priority. We offer a holistic approach and the latest dental technologies. We train to be excellent with our techniques. So you are always surrounded in comfort.

We invite you to get in touch. Learn why we’re a top choice for dental care on the Monterey Peninsula.

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As our patient, you’ll enjoy:

  • Great service and amenities at every visit.
  • Biocompatable materials that work with your body.
  • Digital technologies to reduce treatment time.
  • Options for rapid orthodontics and whitening.
  • The latest in cosmetic smile enhancement.

Dr. Frahm takes a personal interest in each patient, how you live, your health, and how a beautiful smile will affect your everyday life.

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Gentle Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Monterey

At the office of Sarah Frahm, DDS comprehensive dental care is designed to enhance the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Your health needs, appearance goals and lifestyle are considered.  Then, Dr. Frahm builds you a custom dental treatment plan.  

For excellent dental care Dr. Frahm combines the latest technology with decades of experience and an eye for cosmetic detail. 

Dr. Frahm always discusses your options with you before treatment begins. And, she makes sure you’re in agreement about what should happen. 

Everything about our office in Monterey, California is designed for your comfort. We offer spa-like amenities, state of the art technologies, and  five-star service. So, our top priority is you before, during, and after care.

A different approach to Monterey dental care

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Tranquil, spa-like environment with organic essential oils.

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Enjoy a paraffin hand dip to ease stress and relax during dental care.

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All female staff nurtures you with gentle care and comfortable surroundings.

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Holistic dentistry promotes health by combining science with nature.

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Digital x-rays and paperless charting for a healthier body and earth.

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Biocompatible materials reduce health risks while strengthening teeth.

Holistic Dentistry in Monterey

Dr. Frahm uses a holistic approach to dentistry. She understands how dental conditions can impact every aspect of your health.

Your smile is your greatest communication tool. It expresses joy, wonder and delight. It’s only natural to want a beautiful smile. 

Dr. Sarah Frahm provides you with dental care that boosts your confidence and long-term wellness. 

Your input matters. Dr. Frahm treats patients with consideration and respect. Her welcoming approach sets the tone for easy communication and comfortable dental care. 

At each visit, Dr. Frahm gives you her undivided attention. It is through this conversational process that she gains an understanding of your preferences for care. Then, she considers clinical techniques and innovative technologies that may help you. These components form your personal dental treatment plan. 

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