Gum Contouring

A perfect smile results when multiple parts blend for one stunning presentation. The gums surrounding the teeth form a stark contrast to the white teeth, framing their appearance. Gums flow around the neck of each tooth in a scalloped fashion, dipping naturally around the front and back to expose the fullness of each one. Texture, thickness, height, and color tone all influence the appearance of the gums serving their vital supporting role.

Sometimes specific areas of the gum detract from a pleasant smile. The scalloped flow may be uneven, sitting too high around certain teeth. Or a thick area may protrude unnaturally, causing a visual distraction, which gum contouring can help with.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a type of cosmetic dental procedure where your dentist is able to reshape your gums. The procedure can be used for both cosmetic purposes and for medical reasons, such as treating gum disease if antibiotics or dental cleanings aren’t helping. Whether your gum reshaping is to restore dental health or give you the smile you want, it’s a wonderful option to discuss with your dentist.

The Gum Contouring Procedure

Gum contouring surgery isn’t as scary as it seems and you won’t have to visit any special dental office to have it down. Unless you prefer otherwise, gum reshaping is done while you’re awake and with your gum area numbed to help eliminate any discomfort. The treatment itself consists of:

  • Your dentist uses a soft tissue laser or scalpel to remove any excess gum tissue.
  • Resculpting the gum line to expose more of your tooth and then using sutures to hold the gum tissue in its place.
  • If your gums are receding instead of being excessive, your dentist will remove some tissue from another area and surgically secure it around your teeth to help lengthen and restructure your gum line.

The procedure timetable depends on how much gum contouring is needed and the amount of resculpting required to give you the smile you want. On average, gum contouring takes an hour or two.

* If you have advanced gum disease, Dr. Frahm may recommend that you see a periodontist. A periodontist is a gum specialist. Periodontists can perform treatments to restore gum health and tissue. These treatments may include LANAP gum restoration and gum grafting.

How Gum Reshaping Helps a Smile

Gum contouring brings you a better smile in several ways:

  • No longer worrying about having a smile that is covered in gums.
  • For an uneven or crooked smile, gum reshaping can help even them out as in some cases the teeth are the issue, but the gum line is.
  • Gum contouring can help with gum recession caused by gum disease. Pockets can form when the gums are pulling away from teeth, which helps bacteria, plaque, and food to get trapped in them which can cause infections, decay, and cavities.

Dr. Frahm Can Help Your Smile

Just as a piece of art benefits from reframing, gums can gently be contoured to complement the smile. Fortunately, laser technology often makes this cosmetic procedure quick, painless, and dramatic. The results can be observed immediately and within a few days, your gums look perfectly natural. In some cases, more extensive contouring may be discussed. Dr. Frahm evaluates numerous factors before deciding which approach will give you the finest smile.

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