Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Frahm is an Expert
in Sedation dentistry

The thought of dental visits causes fear and anxiety for some folks. Are you one of them?

Whether your anxiety is due to previous trauma, significant needs or stress; we can help you. Sedation care allows you to rest through dental treatment.

Dr. Frahm is an expert in sedation dentistry. She has completed rigorous, post-doctoral training with the Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation Education organization. She is Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS) certified.

With OCS, a pill is taken about an hour before treatment. This makes you feel relaxed, even sleepy. Upon arrival, our team takes great care of you. We assess your response to the medication. And, if additional medication is needed, we administer it at the practice.

Before treatment begins, we make sure you’re comfortable. During treatment you’ll probably fall into a dozing state. But you’ll remain responsive enough to answer questions.

While you rest, our care team monitors your blood pressure, oxygen intake and heart rate. Once treatment is complete, we stay with you until you are alert.

A companion needs to take you home and stay with you while you rest. Dr. Frahm will call after your appointment to make sure you are comfortable and feeling well.

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Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation goes deeper than nitrous oxide. It is easy to administer. And has few side-effects.

Dr. Frahm prescribes medication that you take before your appointment. It helps reduce anxiety.

A variety of medications are available for oral conscious sedation. Dr. Frahm discusses your needs with you to determine which works best for you. However, all sedation medications we offer are classified as anti-anxiety medications. Each medication option helps to reduce and even eliminate anxiety so you can rest through dental treatment.

In addition to making your experience more comfortable, oral conscious sedation medications reduce your memory of the experience.

Oral conscious sedation allows us to complete your treatment in less time. Requiring fewer appointments. And, finish complex procedures in less time.

While your treatment is performed, Dr. Frahm carefully monitors your vital signs. Because the effects of oral conscious sedation last longer than with nitrous oxide alone, a companion will need to drive you to and from your dental appointment.

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas is readily available in our office. Nitrous oxide provides an excellent way to reduce anxiety during dental care. The mildest form of sedation medication we use, nitrous oxide flows through a mask that rests over your nose. Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas combined with pure oxygen. It induces a feeling of relaxation during dental treatment. For some, nitrous oxide often creates a pleasant feeling that can make ordinary things seem funny. It takes effect within a couple of minutes and wears off quickly.

With mild sedation, like nitrous oxide, you won’t experience short-term memory loss, like you might with other forms of sedation. At the end of treatment, the sedation caused by the nitrous oxide dissipates almost immediately. You will be able to return home with no lasting effects. You don’t even need an escort to or from your appointment if you are receiving only nitrous oxide for sedation care.

How Dental Sedatives Can Feel

Sedation dentistry offers relief from anxiety and discomfort experienced during dental treatment. Some sedation care options require a few hours of recovery time. After care you may notice:

The two types of sedation we offer induce minimal to moderate sedation. Sedation is safe to use for anxiety and helps to minimize discomfort. Dr. Frahm prioritizes you needs. She wants to know about any concerns you have related to care.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medications to sedate the patient for dental treatment. Sedatives help calm and relax patients for dental procedures.

Dental sedatives come in three forms: conscious oral sedation, nitrous oxide, or via IV. Each gives a different level of sedation and its own side effects.

Yes, sedation dentistry is safe for most people. Dr. Frahm reviews your medical and health history. Before she prescribes sedation care, she discussed your options for sedation with you to ensure proper dosage.

Sedatives that are given in pill form, in two doses. One is taken the night before and the other an hour before the office visit.

A sedative that is delivered via an IV and watched throughout its use. Typical side effects include memory loss and slurred speech.

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