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Your porcelain veneers are custom made in America. To create your brilliant new smile, Dr. Frahm designs veneers to your specifications, directing our laboratory partners as they craft your porcelain veneers, including details like color, texture, and sheen.

Dr. Frahm is this careful because she knows veneers don’t just change smiles, they change lives. With beautiful veneers Dr. Frahm transforms your teeth in just a few visits. As a result, you dazzle with a gorgeous smile and higher confidence.

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are attached to the front surface of your teeth to improve their appearance by treating several cosmetic concerns, including discoloration, chipped, broken, or smaller-than-average teeth.

They are a popular option for people who only need one veneer, for a broken or chipped tooth as examples, but you’re able to get between six to eight veneers to have an even and symmetrical smile. Porcelain veneers, specifically, are stronger and more long-lasting than other types while also more resistant to stains. This makes them a popular option for cosmetic dentistry as it ensures a brighter smile for a longer time.

Dental Veneer Procedure: How Porcelain Veneers Are Placed

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the surface of your teeth. As a result, veneers correct imperfections. Veneers are a very successful solution for anyone uncomfortable with crooked, discolored, chipped or broken teeth, or for folks who have gaps in their smiles.

Before having your dental veneer procedure, you’ll have a preliminary appointment with your dentist to discuss your options and if other dental work is needed prior to the veneers being placed. They will also take X-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth, looking for signs of tooth decay or gum disease to see if a root canal is needed first. 

Following the initial appointment with your dentist, another will be scheduled where your dentist trims down some of the enamel on your teeth before taking an impression, or mold, of them. The mold is then sent to a lab where your veneers will be made.

At the final appointment, your dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth to ensure no bacteria is caught beneath the veneers and they’ll evaluate the fit, shape, and coloration of the veneers to make sure they are appropriate for you. From there the dentist will use a grinding tool to give your teeth a more rough texture and apply a dental cement bond to the tooth, which is hardened by ultraviolet light. 

Once they are set, you’re ready to enjoy your smile again!

Dental Veneer Benefits

When you need your teeth restored to bring back that award-winning smile, veneers made of porcelain offer a great deal of benefits:

Veneer Expert in Monterey

Dr. Frahm is a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry. She has completed rigorous post-doctoral training with the world’s leading dental pioneers to perfect her technique for veneer placement. Perhaps that is why our dentistry practice is the peninsula’s destination for beautiful smiles.

Emprethin veneers

Emprethins are very thin veneers, made of compressed ceramic, and designed to mimic the brilliance of natural teeth. They are changing cosmetic dentistry because they do not require the same level of tooth enamel preparation as their traditional counterparts. Dr. Frahm places Emprethins over a tooth’s surface to enhance its color, shape and position in the mouth, resulting in a beautiful smile.

We are proud to be the peninsula’s first dental practice to offer this beautiful, state of the art, veneer solution.

In conclusion, Dr. Frahm often recommends placement of Emprethins for patients who desire the effects of orthodontics but prefer not to wait for their ideal smile. Emprethins are also a top choice for patients who want to correct chips in teeth, close gaps and repair weakened enamel.


To create your dream smile, Dr. Frahm partners with you every step of the way.
Each detail about the health of your mouth and appearance of your teeth is included!

Dr. Frahm always takes into account:

To deliver the highest quality veneers, Dr. Frahm partners exclusively with the nation’s premier dental laboratories. She never ships dental work overseas and adheres to the strictest guidelines for excellence across all platforms of patient care.

The cost of porcelain veneers is something we understand you may be curious about. We encourage you to discuss this with us during your initial veneers consultation.

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