Top 10 benefits of professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening produces the immediate benefits of a brighter smile. Read on for ten more reasons to consider getting your teeth professionally whitened.

Teeth whitening is for (almost) everyone:

The biggest benefit to teeth whitening is that it removes stains from your teeth. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, teeth whitening improves the brightness of most smiles. For teeth that have darkened due to age, age spots, or yellowing caused by coffees, teas, or smoking, whitening procedures will produce results. Those with worn tooth enamel or advanced gum disease should talk to their dentist to find out if whitening is for them.

Professional teeth whitening works better than store-bought options:

Professional teeth whitening can whiten teeth better than all over-the-counter options. That’s because in-office procedures use bleaching chemicals that oxidize and whiten the stains on your teeth. A high-intensity LED light activates and speeds up the treatment. With in-office whitening, your teeth will be five to ten shades lighter within an hour.

Professional teeth whitening is fast:

Depending on how quickly you want results and your budget, there is a teeth whitening option for you.

In-office whitening treatments are the most effective and fastest solution. Dr. Frahm offers two in-office treatment options that whiten teeth in under an hour. The Sinsational Smile treatment is the world’s first eco-friendly whitening system. After only 20 minutes, this treatment whitens teeth up to five shades lighter. The ZOOM in-office treatment whitens teeth up to 10 shades in under an hour.

Take-home whitening gel and tray kits are also available at our office. These custom-fitted trays are worn for an hour or overnight and result in whiter, brighter teeth in two to four weeks.

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Teeth whitening is affordable:

In-office whitening treatments and professional-grade take-home kits are more affordable than you may think. ZOOM and Sinsational treatments cost between $800-$1,200. Take-home kits are only $300-$600.

Teeth whitening improves oral health:

Professional teeth whitening improves oral health by removing tooth stains and discoloration. Cleaning your teeth and whitening also reduce the risk of cavities and other oral health problems.

Professional Teeth Whitening is 100% Safe:

Established research proves that teeth whitening does not damage tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide whiteners have been deemed safe and effective by The American Dental Association. Although it’s true that some of the chemicals used in teeth whitening can cause sensitivity to your teeth and gums, these treatments are 100% safe. Dr. Frahm and our care team personalize your treatment and are available to address any concerns you have. We always have your health and comfort in mind.

Professional Teeth whitening is long-lasting:

Professional teeth whitening treatments last for years with proper care. Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments like strips, gels, and toothpaste only last for a few months.

Professional teeth whitening is personalized to you:

Every patient is unique and as your partner in care, Dr. Frahm understands your particular oral health needs. The same holds true for in-office teeth whitening procedures. You will be presented with whitening options, timeframes, and costs to meet your desired cosmetic outcome.

Whiter teeth improve mental health:

People with severely stained teeth are oftentimes embarrassed or ashamed about their teeth. They smile less or cover their mouths self-consciously. According to a study by the American Dental Association, this causes unneeded stress in public situations and a loss of confidence. Whitening your stained teeth can lessen anxiety, increase your self-esteem and improve your mental health overall.

Brighter teeth make a good first impression:

There’s no question that appearances influence how people perceive one another. Bright happy smiles exude confidence which can be especially important in meetings, interviews and other situations where you want to make a good impression. The aforementioned ADA study also found that a brighter smile even has even been proven to impact earning potential.

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, talk to us! Teeth whitening is our most requested cosmetic procedure and Dr. Frahm and our care team are here to answer your questions. Book a teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Frahm to hear about your personalized options.

About Dr. Frahm

Dr. Frahm received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2003. She completes more than 100 hours of postdoctoral training each year; earning recognition from dental experts around the country for her knowledge in the areas of cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. Dr. Frahm is committed to providing you with excellent, comprehensive dental care. Dr. Frahm uses advanced dental techniques and technology to ensure your comfort and lasting results.

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