Do You Need Braces Before Veneers?

Do I need braces before I get veneers? It’s a question we hear often. The answer is maybe.

Veneers can do a lot to straighten teeth. And, in some cases getting braces before veneers is the right way to go. This is especially true if you have a pronounced underbite or overbite.

Why Braces Before are Recommended

There are three reasons why you may need get braces before you get veneers.

Braces Correct Your Bite

Braces are used to correct overbites and underbites. Having proper bite balance is essential to maintain your veneers. A balanced bite means your back teeth touch evenly. Front teeth do not touch once your bite is balanced.

Having a properly balanced bite reduces the risk of damage to your veneers. It is also healthier overall. A well-balanced bite, with straight teeth, is easier to care for at home.

Braces for Crowded Teeth

Braces can help when teeth are crowded together. The veneering process usually involves the removal of some tooth enamel. But, when teeth are too close together, veneers cannot be placed with ideal proportion.

Aligning teeth with Invisalign or braces before veneers can help. Also, most of us do not veneer all of our teeth. So, aligning and whitening teeth are good complimentary dental treatments.

Braces to Correct Alignment Complications

In many cases, veneers can correct misalignment. There are times when braces are needed to correct alignment complications.

Misaligned teeth can cause an array of dental problems, such as TMJ, bruxism, jaw hinge pain, and teeth grinding. If you have any of these problems, veneers won’t solve them.

It is best to proceed with treatment to fix your bite. This may include orthodontics.

Once you have a healthy bite, you may want to enhance the appearance of your smile with porcelain veneers.

Are Braces Mandatory for a Better Veneer Smile?

Braces before veneers are not mandatory for a better smile. In fact, most people who get veneers do not need braces. With veneers, Dr. Frahm can:

  • Create a symmetrical smile.
  • Enhance the color of your teeth.
  • Rebuild teeth damaged by chipped enamel, minor breaks, or discoloration.
  • Align slightly crooked and misaligned teeth.
  • Improve your bite.

Braces Are Better Now

If you do need braces before veneers, the process might be easier than you think. Orthodontic treatments have come a long way. There are options for smile alignment that include:

There are benefits to aligning teeth before veneers are placed:

  • Aligning the teeth allows the dentist to remove less enamel.
  • Supports root and bone structure if dental implants are involved
  • Properly aligns your jaw for comfortable biting and chewing

Please talk with Dr. Frahm about your unique care needs. Your cosmetic dental consultation includes a review of your health history, exam, and plan for treatment.

If you have any questions about braces before veneers or are ready to schedule a smile consultation, please, contact Dr. Frahm today via our webform or give us a call at 831-372-8011. We are conveniently located office at 660 Camino Aguajito #201 in Monterey, CA 93940.

About Dr. Frahm

Dr. Frahm received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2003. She completes more than 100 hours of postdoctoral training each year; earning recognition from dental experts around the country for her knowledge in the areas of cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. Dr. Frahm is committed to providing you with excellent, comprehensive dental care. Dr. Frahm uses advanced dental techniques and technology to ensure your comfort and lasting results.

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