3 easy ways to support your dental health over the holidays

A change in routines and scenery can sometimes cause us to forget to practice good oral health. This holiday season, don’t let your oral health habits take a vacation while you’re away from home.

Follow these three simple guidelines to help you maintain your oral healthcare routine while traveling:

1. Maintain your overall dental care

If you’ve developed a baseline of good oral care, keep up the good work even when you’re out of town. If you are due for your biannual checkup, make an appointment with Dr. Frahm before you leave. This will allow her to catch any problems in advance, so you have peace of mind while you travel. After all, no one wants to have a dental emergency while on a vacation.

While you’re on vacation, do your best to make good food choices to keep up your oral health. It’s true that one of the most enjoyable aspects of being away from home is trying new and different foods. By all means, enjoy those glasses of wine and savor that gelato, but make sure to order and eat healthy foods as well. Fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy, low-sugar snacks help keep your mouth disease-free and happy. Don’t forget to drink lots of clean water to stay hydrated and rinse your mouth of germs and bacteria.

2. Brush up on good hygiene

After a long day exploring, it’s easy to fall into bed without remembering to brush your teeth. But don’t forget: brushing and flossing twice a day are the two simplest ways to maintain healthy teeth and a bright smile throughout your vacation and throughout your life.

And speaking of brushing, when it comes to toothbrushes, pack a fresh new soft-bristled brush for your trip. And when you do pack your toothbrush after use, allow your toothbrush to dry out beforehand. Wet brushes can house bacteria, so it’s always best to dry the bristles out between uses. And whatever you do, don’t forget your ADA-approved toothpaste and floss. And, if you’re looking to minimize weight and bulk, shop for travel-size offerings.

3. Don’t Stress

Travelling fulfills our sense of adventure but can also bring added stress in certain situations. Travel delays, family visits and traffic jams can all lead to spikes in stress. When stress is prolonged, it can cause physical and oral health problems. Jaw issues like TMJ, teeth grinding and cold sores can be brought on from stress. Some people cope with stress by increasing alcohol and tobacco intake, which are not only unhealthy, but can make stress worse.

If you are feeling stressed out, start by pinpointing the cause of your stress so you can take steps to reduce it. Relaxation, rest, massage and meditation can help. You get more out of reducing stress and being good to yourself.

Dr. Frahm is always available to help you establish and maintain excellent dental health. To schedule your next appointment, contact us via our webform or give us a call at 831-372-8011. We are conveniently located office at 660 Camino Aguajito #201 in Monterey, CA 93940.

About Dr. Frahm

Dr. Frahm received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2003. She completes more than 100 hours of postdoctoral training each year; earning recognition from dental experts around the country for her knowledge in the areas of cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. Dr. Frahm is committed to providing you with excellent, comprehensive dental care. Dr. Frahm uses advanced dental techniques and technology to ensure your comfort and lasting results.

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