Foods that are bad for your teeth

Some of the most hard-to-resist foods are bad for your teeth. And the reasons may surprise you. To maintain a healthy mouth, keep the following list in mind when making food choices. Dr. Frahm promises your dentist will thank you.

Dentist says: Eat less and avoid these foods

Dentists know your mouth is the gateway to your body. That’s why dentists say it’s smart to eat less and avoid foods that can negatively impact your health. Keep scrolling our list of foods to avoid because you might just be surprised.

1. White and brown sugar
Sugar is in a lot of store-bought foods like ketchup, juices, and even frozen foods which makes it very hard to completely eliminate from your diet. But sugar in all its forms encourages harmful bacteria to grow. And sugar turns your saliva into an acid bath. Acid causes decay and dissolves tooth enamel. Since it’s difficult to avoid sugar altogether, it’s best to eat it in moderation.

2. Hard, sticky and sour candy
Dipping into our kids’ trick-or-treat stash is one thing, but did you know that some candies are worse for your teeth than others? Sticky candies like caramels bind sugar to your teeth and cause bacteria growth and tooth decay. Sour candy is high in acidity, which can lead to tooth enamel erosion. Hard candies pack a double threat. They are high in sugar and one bad crunch can loosen a crown or break your tooth.

3. Citrus and Dried Fruits
Fruits are part of a well-balanced diet, but the citric acid in oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit can wear away at your tooth enamel. When it comes to dried fruits like apricots, raisins and pineapples, these tend to be high in concentrated sugar and are also extra sticky. This can cause the sugar to stick to teeth and cause decay. Please enjoy fruits. Don’t brush right after eating them. Instead, brush your teeth 30- 40 minutes after eating fruit to reduce the acid levels in your saliva and maintain a balanced diet.

4. Bread, crackers and bagels
Refined carbohydrates are thought to cause weight gain, but did you know that the starches in breads, bagels and some crackers are also bad for your teeth? When you chew bread, your saliva breaks down the starches into sugar that then stick to the crevices between teeth. If you don’t get to them with a brush, cavities can form. Studies have also found that refined carbs can also lead to chronic inflammation such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

5. Pickled vegetables
Eating fermented foods have been shown to boost the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut. But pickles and pickled store-bought vegetables are usually made with vinegar and sugar. The acid in vinegar can wear away your teeth’s enamel and even stain teeth. If you’re going for store-bought pickled vegetables, check the ingredients first. Don’t forget to drink water with fermented foods to help balance the acid factor and stay hydrated.

6. Popcorn
Popcorn is a healthy snack that’s high in protein but if you munch an unpopped kernel, you can crack teeth, even damage implants or veneers. And popcorn hulls have a tendency to get lodged between teeth and gums, having the potential to cause abscesses. So, enjoy this treat but don’t forget to floss.

It’s not all bad news. Most of these foods offer health benefits. Eating in moderation is the key to a healthy diet. Remember, there are plenty of foods that are good for your oral and dental health.

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